I Love Sports

Do you love sports? Or do you even have interest in sports? Well in my case, I love sports and I have deep interest in them but I don’t think sports love me. Seriously, this is no joke. I tried to play basketball in 5th grade before but I ended up dislocating my ankle. I played volleyball in junior high but the ball seems to love my face a lot. In college, I tried football (not American football) but I always end up falling to the ground on my face. And if I look back there are also many accidents and humiliating things that happened to me when I try my hands on various sports. Maybe I am just not cut out to be an athlete.

sportsBut even with such bad luck on my side, I still love sports, which is why I indulge myself in watching sports on TV. I love watching basketball, especially NBA. I like how basketball stars soar and dunk the basketball or trip down their opponents with their fancy dribbling. I also like to watch volleybelles (term for female volleyball players) jumping high to spike/block the ball or dive forward to receive the ball. I also like how NFL players grit their teeth and smash their bodies with each other. I like how figure skaters gracefully dance on ice. I love hearing the scream and howl of football players when they make a goal.

Overall, I love sports and there’s no one in this world who can take it away from me.
But still, there are times I imagine myself playing basketball, football or any other sport and excelling like most stars. Sometimes, I even imagine myself doing superhuman feats while playing a game. But since such thing is impossible and I am not born to be an athlete I would have to satisfy myself with watching sports only.

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