NBA Finals Over World Cup

Finally, the long, long wait is over. The World Cup Fever is here and it is sweeping many people across the globe. Everyone is excited. Everyone is cheering for their team. And here I am still thinking about who would become the NBA champion. Would it be the Heat or the Spurs? As of now, Spurs is leading the race with 3 wins while the Heat is left behind with only 1 win. If the Spurs wins game 5, then the Heat would not be able to achieve back-to-back-to-back NBA Championship. In my opinion, I prefer Spurs to win this time. I mean, oldies beating the younger ones and become champions, wouldn’t it be nice if it happens? Well, anyways as long as there’s no crowned NBA Finals Champions, there’s no way I would be excited about the World Cup for basketball weighs more than football.


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