Moving To Australia

I heard a good and a bad news recently. The good news is my brother has finally landed a job complete with good pay and benefits. The bad news is he has to leave the country and move to Australia. Yep! AUSTRALIA, the land down under! The place where everything from birds to bugs can kills you!

I am gonna miss my brother and his family if moves to Australia. I know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for him and his family. And I know that Australia is also a great place to live (if you ignore all the dangerous creatures they have). He is also aware of this thing; he even jokingly told me that he would send me a kangaroo and koala from Australia as a birthday gift next year.

My brother is excited about the move but he told me about his worries as well like how their lives would be in Australia. How about the education of his children? How about the neighborhood? the people? Most of all, how about getting a permanent place to be called their home?

I don’t know about the previous questions but I do know it is possible for them to find a place to stay permanently in Australia. Like here in the US, there are also realtors in Australia. They can just always ask for their service in order to help them find a new home. And with the help of the internet, finding a realtor would be very easy. Since they are moving to Anglesea, Australia looking for Anglesea real estate can help them.

Now that my brother is moving to Australia, it got me thinking; maybe I should visit this country as well. But perhaps I would do so if my brother and his family have finally settled.

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