Why People Are So Afraid of Rats

Rats Partying Your In Attic Flyer

Growing up from a rural community and having a curious disposition when I was a child, I grew up having nothing to be afraid of when it comes to handling various critters. Snakes, lizards, bugs, worms or rodents, I am not afraid of them. In fact, I was very fascinated of these creatures when I was a kid. I would catch them and watched them wriggle their way out of my hands. I observed them in their natural habitat as well as in jars that became their makeshift home whenever I catch them.

So it is not a surprise why I am not afraid of rats.

Yes, you have read it right. I am not afraid of rats.

I am well aware of the danger they bring but that doesn’t mean I have to scream senseless like a little girl. Rats are living creatures that happen to have a very bad reputation and it is this bad reputation most people are afraid of and not the rats themselves.

No one wants rats in their homes. Obviously it is because they carry diseases. Rats are filthy and eat almost anything even waste matter. They look hideous, with their dark brown or black coat, long hairless tails, long whiskers and large incisors. Even though they look harmless, they are vicious creatures, especially when cornered. Most of all, rats have been associated with the occult like being a witch’s pet or a harbinger of doom, which is unjust for them.

Although, I am not afraid of rats, that doesn’t mean I welcome them with all my heart.

That would be ridiculous.

Again. I want to reiterate. I am well aware of the danger they bring. This is why I have worked with rat extermination just to make sure no rat would intrude in my home.

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